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Ikea. Home of the reasonably priced home necessities. Home of the strangely named appliances. Home of the often hard to assemble furniture. But, most importantly to me, home of the Swedish meatballs. Well, not home per say, I’m sure they make better meatballs in Sweden. So home of the best Swedish meatballs in my vicinity.

Now I’m not saying you should venture out to Ikea just for a meal, I probably would but that’s beside the point. However, it has recently come to my attention that many people are unaware of the delicious, inexpensive meals that reside in the Ikea cafe. My favorite is the Swedish meatballs with chips, gravy and lingonberry jam. Usually you can get a plate of 15 meatballs for $8.50 which is pretty reasonable for a lunch meal. But on Tuesdays, at least at the Ikea in Rhodes, Sydney, you can get the meatballs for just $3.95. So next time you feel the need for a new desk in your bedroom or your cupboards are lacking a few colorful plates and bowls, I suggest you wait until a Tuesday to hit up your local Ikea. I also recommend trying the lingonberry soda, sounds a little dubious I know, but it’s really quite good. Also, the meatballs are usually served with mashed potatoes but I’m more of a kid at heart and think the chips are a bit better. The cafe also serves salads, pasta dishes, smoked salmon plates and fish meals if you’re not in the mood for meatballs.

And if you enjoy the meatballs as much as I do, I suggest buying a bag in the freezer section, you can get a 1kg bag for just $11. Make sure you get a few packs of the gravy, it comes in a powder and you just add cream at home. One of my favorite meals is a bowl of penne pasta topped with the meatballs and finished off with a hefty spoonful of the delicious gravy. Not necessarily the healthiest meal, but definitely a cheap one.