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First of all, let me say, Prague not only has excellent beer, they also have excellent food. We didn’t even stay with Czech restaurants the whole time and we had some of the best meals so far this semester. Overall, Prague was a beautiful city, although it was freezing (expect NYC type winter weather), and it had a lot to offer. I would definitely go again.

Spiced beef cooked with egg and French Fries with deviled sauce. Typical Czech bar food, this bar was called Novak’s and was right near our hostel, but you could find food like this anywhere in Prague for great prices.

Belgian chocolates filled with anything you can imagine, from absinthe to marzipan.

Butter chicken and Garlic Naan at Himalaya Restaurant in Prague, best Indian food I’ve had in a long time.

Cinnamon and Sugar crepes from a little cafe right over Old Charles Bridge…simple yet delicious and perfectly thin.

Back at Novak’s for fried button mushrooms with a creamy garlicky sauce…would have been better if the mushrooms were a bit smaller, the taste of them was pretty strong. The sauce however was amazing and we made sure to dip the french fries in there too.

Delicious chicken enchiladas at Cantina restaurant in Prague, always a long wait so make sure to get a reservation because this food is definitely worth it. And what Mexican meal is complete without a pitcher of frozen margaritas. Beware, these ones are strong!

The street vendor hot dogs are also delicious, (and a great hangover food for those of us enjoying the Czech beer), they’re nothing like what you would get on the side of the road in New York City. Nestled into fresh French bread, they’re savory and juicy, but I would recommend adding the ketchup and mustard even if you’re usually not a fan since they need that extra “something.”

A delicious brunch of a bacon and cheese omelette accompanied by a small salad with a honey dijon vinagrette.

Seriously the best banana ice cream waffles ever.