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Technically I visited the Boqueria Markets while in Spain but since the last post was so long I figured I should separate the two. I went to the Boqueria Markets by myself on my first full day in Barcelona. After reading about the markets in plenty of tour guides I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had read things saying you could buy pretty much everything from a lion to an emu egg, but most reviews simply said it was not to be missed. I had planned on having lunch there but as I entered the markets my stomach quickly decided it would not be consuming any food any time soon. As I walked in and saw all the colorful stalls, all the people rushing through, pointing at fresh seafood or tasting a slice of homemade cheese I felt a wave of excitement at the energy radiating from this place. And then I looked down and saw the head of a chicken plop onto the floor and roll sideways towards me, coming to a stop with its black beady little eyes looking sorrowfully up at me. That was around the point I knew I would unfortunately not be eating in this place. Though my instinct was to run away without looking back, I decided to instead forge on ahead and see what other gross things I would encounter that morning.

My first view of the stalls while entering the markets. This was prior to the chicken head incident. I decided not to take a photo of them out of respect. Or I just didn’t want to have that image pop into my head again so vividly.

The first of many meat vendors.

A plethora of olives.

There were small restaurants inside the markets too, this one was selling Spanish crepes.

Seafood stall.

All different kinds of nuts.

Fresh eel and other fish.

More seafood, I’m not quite sure how much meat you can actually get out of these tiny shells but they must be pretty tasty if people go through the effort.

Decorative chocolates.

Fresh fruit juice, there was a lot of competition to sell these so if you walked through the market first it was easy to see who had the best deal.

Such neatly organized fruit.

Giant tongues and more disturbing skinned lamb heads looking up at me. Clearly I’m going to have to buck up to really enjoy Spanish cuisine.

Those tongues were massive!

Barnacles and sea urchins.

I did successfully find emu eggs! Though unfortunately I did not stumble across a lion for sale. Maybe if I had pulled someone aside and hinted I was looking to purchase one they would have revealed it, but oh well. There were plenty more things to keep me entertained for quite a while. So if you find yourself looking for things to do in Barcelona, definitely check out the Boqueria Markets, they’re on every morning, they’re lively, fun, and free! But if you’re anything like me you may want to consider eating a meal before going or admitting that you won’t be eating again for a while afterwards and work that into your daily plan.