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One of my excursions while living in Rome was a trip over Easter weekend to the Amalfi Coast.  I had been looking forward to it for ages and luckily we got some really good weather for the trip. We stayed in Sorrento and visited Capri, Meta, Naples and Positano over five days. And of course, one of the best things about the trip, was the food.

On our first day we ventured over to Capri, famous for it’s beautiful scenery, the Blue Grotto and the caprese salad.

Photo credit: Luana Perez

We explored the town for a while before venturing up to the top, which is technically Anacapri and sat down to have our lunch.

I had tagliatelle con salmone which was delicious. It looks like a small serving but the delicious buttery cream sauce that coated it was extremely filling. The salmon was also incredibly fresh and tender.

Photo credit: Molly Pittman

My friend ordered caprese ravioli which was delicious as well. Caprese ravioli consists of a thin sheet of homemade pasta which encloses a caciotta cheese, parmesan and marjoram filling and is topped with a tomato and basil sauce.

The two specials of the day were fresh gnocchi with pumpkin and shrimp or fresh gnocchi with mushrooms and shrimp. Both of them were so unbelievably rich and all the components worked so well together to create an incredible Capri-comfort style dish.

Photo credit: Luana Perez

This was the gnocchi with pumpkin and shrimp. I don’t think I’ve ever had pumpkin with pasta before but it was an incredible combination, it was creamy and sweet and infused with fresh cheese which made it ten times better.

Photo credit: Courtney Broderick

This is the gnocchi with mushrooms and shrimp. If you can think of the most gourmet and rich version of macaroni and cheese this would probably be it.

We stayed in Sorrento at this place called Seven Hostel. If you’re a student travelling through the Amalfi Coast I highly recommend staying here. It’s a beautiful hostel with access to ferries that will take you everywhere you need to go and they’ve got a bar in the lobby that’s pretty popular for people that live in the area. They also do student specials on drinks and you can get some amazing cocktails for just 5 euro.

One of the bartenders there, named Daniele, is really awesome and loves to create his own cocktails which are so delicious, one of his signature drinks has lychee in it and is unbelievable. So if you end up at Seven Hostel definitely look out for him.

Our next day we headed over to Positano to spend the day lounging on the beach. For lunch we picked a nice little restaurant right by the water.

This is by far one of the best sandwiches I have ever had in my life. The bread especially was so soft and delicate and just melted into the sandwich while still being dry and crisp on the outside. Inside the sandwich was arugula, tomatoes, buffalo milk ricotta and sliced beef drizzled in a balsamic vinaigrette. It was such a soft and flavorful sandwich and unlike anything I have ever tasted before.

That night we went to a local restaurant in Sorrento for dinner. The specials were pretty cheap so we all ordered the fisherman’s special. It was a wonderful mix of cherry tomatoes, mussels and clams over pasta. It was covered in a buttery light tomato sauce that seemed to coat each and every single piece of tagliatelle perfectly. The seafood was so fresh and had probably been caught just outside the restaurant. In my experience so far if you see the meal ‘fisherman’s special’ on a menu in any place close to the sea in Italy it will be an unforgettable meal (in a good way).

On Easter Sunday we headed to Meta to do some more relaxing at the beach. We were a bit worried that we wouldn’t be able to find any restaurants that would be open but we came across this one place called Tico Tico and decided to eat there.

I had been straying from my budget a little bit at this point so I was trying to be good and order the cheapest thing on the menu but I soon realized that for 2 euro more I could get this dish and I couldn’t resist. The description was just so enticing that I couldn’t bring myself to order anything else. It was fresh homemade fusili with shrimp, tomato and eggplant in a creamy tomato sauce. And it was to die for. It was so creamy and perfect, there really is a very different taste between dried pasta and fresh homemade pasta. It has so much more flavor and is incredibly tender and smooth. The shrimp and eggplant also worked really well with the creaminess of the sauce. I am not even a big eggplant fan but when it is cooked like this that it becomes so tender it is almost falling apart, it is really amazing.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Amalfi Coast as a summer vacation destination. Or even an Easter break vacation but I’m sure the water is much warmer in June and July. Just make sure you taste some of the local seafood in whatever form they want to serve it to you, you won’t regret it.