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Looking for more cheap meals out in Sydney? Well, look no further.

I think it’s pretty great that all these restaurants do specials on certain nights, it’s great for students and it’s a great excuse to go out on a Tuesday or a Wednesday or a Thursday, anytime really.

The Nag’s Head Hotel is another of those nifty places that has different specials every night, so whenever you decide to head over you’ll end up with a tasty $10 meal. Mondays feature gourmet pizzas, Tuesday’s dish is the rump steak, Wednesday is schnitzel day, and Thursday’s got a nice spread of fish and chips. The bar meals are also only $10 for lunch on Monday through Saturday.

And Saturday is Super Saturday! With $3 schooners of local beer from noon to 5pm. Any excuse to day drink as a student is a good excuse in my book.

I’ve only had Monday pizza’s but I’ll definitely be back for more. It’s a cozy little restaurant with booths and benches and sports playing all the time. You can accompany your pizzas with a nice pitcher of crisp Aussie beer and enjoy the company.

I was in some great company and I knew they wouldn’t comment on my garlic breath after eating a whole pizza of garlic prawns so I decided on the Alaskan. Along with the prawns the pizza is topped with onion, roasted capsicum, wild roquette and lemon aioli. Fancy, right?

And delicious.

The prawns were little, but they nestled well into the cheese and veggies and the fresh roquette gave it a nice texture. I really don’t know what makes something Alaskan though. I remember in high school I used to always order the Alaskan roll at the local sushi place, which consisted of salmon and avocado and didn’t give me the sense of being in Alaska either.

The pizza’s aren’t enormous but the toppings make them a bit more hefty. I could only finish half of mine but that meant I was getting two meals out of one and brought it home for dinner the next night. My friends were a bit hungrier though and managed to finish theirs without much trouble.

I also tasted the Neapoli with feta cheese, baby spinach, olives, fresh tomato and basil pesto which was a nice refreshing combination. I am now a big fan of putting feta on my pizza and will be trying out some homemade versions of that soon.

And I tested out the Hot Hungarian. I’ve found that usually when a meal in Australia is labeled ‘hot,’ they’re not kidding. Though it may have also been that the bite I tasted was covered in several jalapenos, yet it was still surprisingly tasty. The jalapenos were accompanied by spicy pepperoni, basil pesto and mushrooms.

(Couldn’t grab a picture before they dug in.)

With five other options for your meal you can test out a new one each week without getting sick of it. Overall it’s a very low key, comforting Monday night out and the pizza’s are usually much more expensive so take advantage of the deal while you can.

The Nag’s Head Hotel
162 St Johns Rd Glebe NSW 2037
Tel: (02) 9660 1591 Fax: (02) 9660 0780